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ACU Tenison Woods House

Napier Street, North Sydney

Academic Staff Accommodation

Photographer: Anthony Fretwell

Australian Catholic University invited BigCity Design to provide design, documentation and project management services for this significant project within ACU’s North Sydney campus.

As a rapidly expanding tertiary institution, ACU was keen to develop facilities that reflect its contemporary corporate identity and core brand values. The project included the development of a suite of professional multi-function meeting and reception spaces to cater for the university’s growing demand for such facilities.

These facilities set a new standard for corporate staff accommodation across the university. The project was so well received that BigCity Design was commissioned to deliver a number of additional floors utilising this successful design concept.


“The strength of the relationships that BCD fosters in delivering projects brings additional value to our projects and supports development of valuable strategic relationships that have enhanced our capacity to take on more ambitious works. Importantly, staging the work to ensure business continuity during the construction period has been very much appreciated by our internal stakeholders.”

Professor Marea Nicholson, Associate Vice-Chancellor (Sydney), ACU

Size: 1800 sqm

Time to complete: 6 months from inception to completion