Our expertise and industry knowledge, your project solution.

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Our clients’ project success is our primary focus.
Through considered design and careful consultant, contractor and supplier management, we ensure your best interests are met at all stages of the project.

Our technical and industry expertise developed through decades of project experience, enables BigCity Design to provide intelligent, practical advice to our clients. We are our clients’ advocates and we execute every project with diligence and passion. Our commitment to achieving exceptional results is apparent to all who work with us.

We provide “frank and fearless” professional advice and take pride in the value of our professional independence.

The way we work with our clients assumes collaboration and transparency throughout the project process. Our tendering and procurement stages allow you to manage your project budget and make real and informed decisions about the elements that will comprise your new facilities.

Our expertise, independence, transparency and advocacy all combine to produce standout results and enviable success for our clients.
We look forward to chatting with you about your organisation’s requirements…

“We partner our clients during all stages of the project life-cycle, offering technical expertise, industry knowledge, tertiary qualifications and uncompromising professionalism at all times.”

Dimitra Lomis, Director BigCity Design